Karcıoğlu Group, which grows continuously and has a successful past of 66 years was founded by Mehmet Ali Karcıoğlu in 1950 in Turkey, in the country of crisis which was compared to an extreme inflated baloon by the famous crisis expert, Jesse Colombo. The company group which makes investments today in different sectors such as construction, contracting, industry, hotel management and culture and arts, became stronger by including Master Architect and Engineer Emre Karcıoğlu to the team in 1970 and Başar Karcıoğlu who came back from U.S.A. in 1999. Kar Construction, affiliated to Karcıoğlu Group, that adopts as a principle “to be noticed by making difference and to continue being different” for half a century, has brought a new and dynamic approach to the architecture in the Aegean region.


Kar Construction, that sticks into our minds with The Port Residence, 106 meters tall building in Alsancak, has constructed many factory buildings, apartments, business centers and villas which are located in valuable locations, situated on solid foundations, differentiated with its modern architecture, quality materials and perfect workmanship from the others until today. The Chesme Executive, designed with the aim of giving the opportunity to live in extra ordinary outdoor locations, where the luxurious architecture is blended with the unique sea, Park Inn Radisson Hotel with 12 floors of which details have been planned diligently and The Kar, which is a candidate of being one of the most popular business centers with its modern architecture and technological equipment are among the ongoing projects of Kar Construction.


Kar Construction, the heritage of a father who is famous with his successes in the construction sector that came until today, pays attention to offer refreshing habitats to the citizens of İzmir starting from its establishment and to design projects that are extraordinary, functional and far away from noise and visual pollution, that doesn’t remind the stress and clutter of the city. Kar Construction has four essential principles which tries to meet the present with the past thanks to the respect given to the human and the environment: Being on the side of the constantly advancing technology, producing exclusive projects, always offering the best service, maintain the quality and standards of Kar Construction.