Being able to be recognized by creating differences and to remain different...

Welcome to the innovative story of Kar İnşaat which came to these days from the heritage of a successful father who entered into İzmir construction sector with quality Works in 1950s…

Since our establishment, we pay special attention to provide İzmir people with breathing living areas and to design functional and extraordinary projects which do not include the stress and chaos of the city and which are away from noise and visual pollution.

We continue to realize the projects we trust in by believing in them since the foundation of our company, and we make an effort to reunite the yesterday, today and tomorrow with the future along with our respect to humanity and environment.

Currently, when everything change and develop quite fast, keeping up with the ever-progressing technology, maintaining “essential” Kar İnşaat quality and standards and producing exclusive projects will be among our major targets in the future, as in the past.

Mehmet Başar Karcıoğlu